Read what my students have to say!

Alexandra D.

"Thanks for being such a great host and consultant. I am really looking forward to visiting the Sanctuary again. I feel refreshed and I can’t even put it into words. Thanks again!"

Christine M.

"Your videos have helped me significantly on my spiritual awakening journey and finding my Divine Feminine. Thank you so much!"

George R.

"She's honestly such an awesome and virtuous woman. I totally recommend her!!!"

John D.

"I highly recommend this group. it has helped me move out some dark places from my own past. it Is truly a place to reflect without judgment and everyone here is truly there to help."

Ryan B.

"Thank you for all your work you and your team. I'm literally in love with the name brand name. abundance is coming in abundance for you. thank you for your amazing support and guidance. your sanctuary and tribe and work are a true blessing. the cosmos supports all of you."

Dremessa C.

“I felt absolutely at ease working with you, like I've known you for years. Your Energy is Primo!"

John D.

"When I reached out to Reverend Sinisgalli, she put me on the path of healing that I will never forget."

Cailey D.

"Excellent & very professional services"


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